Our Mission

The Ancient web is born of a deep desire to promote the ancient cultures of the world, and the people who preserve that history thru their appreciation of their past. To this end we have created a site that is both educational, promotional and entertaining, while at the same time fulfilling our desire to create a mechanism to drive revenue to support our continued efforts. A key aspect of our success is giving back to support those in need. We feel that in order to benefit from that which we are promoting, we need to support the individuals in those parts of the world who could benefit from the charities we will donate to.

To this end, we are donating 5% of our advertising revenue to the charities we feel best support our goals in taking care of the worlds cultural heritage, and those in need who are the inheritors of that culture. To date we are supporting various charitable foundations helping children in both sub-Saharan Africa, as well as in the highlands of South America. In the coming months we will expand this portion of our site with the stories and information of those people and organizations we are helping. And please remember, that with each purchase you will be helping realize our mission.

If you would like to recommend a charitable organization to add to our list of foundations please contact us.